The Comic King of Guatemala


Comic Culture arrives in Guatemala …or was it always there?

This documentary takes a look at Guatemala’s first ever comic book shop, offering an insight into its impact on the community.


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A carload of comics head from the U.S to Guatemala, a dream or a disaster?

Guatemalans love comic culture, they have the films, the t-shirts, the toys and the stickers, but they’ve never had the actual comics. That is, until now.

This documentary takes a look at Guatemala’s FIRST EVER comic book shop. Will it survive in a place in which one out of every two people can’t read?

The film addresses the role comics can play in improving literacy rates amongst children and adults, how comics can be cross-cultural tools and how a country such as Guatemala with a rich Mayan visual history is actually not as new to comic art as people may think.


Directed by: George Clipp & Jonathan Barnes

Produced by: George Clipp & Matthew Cleaves

Illustrations and Animations by: Sebastian Fowler

Sound by: Sasha Zastavnikovic 

Translations by: Diana Pilar

2013 | HD | 10 mins

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