About Us

“OH MY!” is a multi-disciplinary creative studio.

What exactly do we do?

We do a lot, but what we love the most is generating fresh, exciting and tantalisingly wonderful video content.

Whether it be short, sharp viral web videos that make you laugh until your nose bleeds, documentaries that excite and intrigue you, or animation that simply makes you say “Wow, amazing!” Our project criteria is simple; Are we passionate about this? Can we get truly creative? Will it be both fulfilling and fun?

If it is yes, yes and hell yeah, then ‘Oh My!’ are all over it like spaghetti on a two year old.

When we’re not spending every minute of the day making our own babies (video projects), we’re doing it for others. Doing what we were born to do for the benefit of others (making creative videos, not babies). If this excites you like it excites us, head over to ‘what we can do for you’ to find out….well…what we can do for you…